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It is no longer possible to register for this course.

If you want to take a similar course in autumn 2023, please send an expression of interest to

Course Towards the Light

An exciting journey where you have the opportunity to explore your body's consciousness and wisdom.  

Find your inner compass.

Heave unnecessary ballast overboard.Charge the batteries and head for the light. 

Titta på solen

Three group meetings and
Three individual treatments

The course consists of:

Three full days when we meet as a group at Yoga Treats.

Two of these days are led by me,

Alexother Saupe  (Intono)

Also included are three individual treatments with me. 

To read more about me and my company Intono,click here

Alexandra Saupe

One of the full days is led by

Lars Erik (Lasse) Fasth (Soullife). 

Lasse is my mentor and friend since 20 years ago. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced holistic therapist. In addition, he has a unique ability to access knowledge through his crystal clear intuition/spiritual connection. Lasse has held courses in personal and spiritual development for over 30 years.

To read more about him and his company Soullife, click here.

Lasse Fasth

Lasse Fasth


Yoga Treats

We meet in a group (with a maximum of 14 participants) on the following Saturdays

between 9.30 and 17.30 at Yoga Treats, Kastellgatan 22. 

(With a break for lunch of approx. 1 hour)

25/3   Introduction with Alexandra

29/4  On this (only) occasion Lasse will be present and responsible for the program. 

20/5   Last gathering with Alexandra


These are some of the things we do at the group meetings:

  • Sharing (when we share experiences, thoughts and feelings with each other)

  • Meditation (guidance, body scan, chakra balancing)

  • Sound meditation (with gong and sound bowls)

  • Free movement/dance to music

  • Art therapy (intuitive visual creation)

  • Intuitive healing 


Included in the course fee are also three individual treatments per course participant

(each in approx. 75 minutes) during April and May with me at Intono / Svea Friskvård.  

Alexandra and Lasse

Welcome to a course in great warmth and love!

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