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Like bathing in tinkling tones

Sound therapy

By striking hand-forged metal bowls, sounds and vibrations are created. The different sizes and designs of the bowls produce different tones. They are carefully tuned to create resonance in the body. I place the bowls on your body and tap them gently with a felt stick. I can also make the bowls ring in your energy body which exists around the physical body. There I can also let the more powerful gong sound. Blockages are given the opportunity to vibrate free. Sound massage is usually experienced as a very harmonious and deeply relaxing therapy.


The vibrations from the sound bowls spread like rings on the water, deep into the body.

You get the opportunity to recover and your natural ability to self-heal is stimulated.


Drag the pointer over the video clip and activate the sound by clicking the note symbol. This is a large bowl that gives a deep sound with overtones that sound for a long time.

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