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Development through the inner guidance of the body and soul

Soullife therapy

This is a holistic therapy developed by therapists Lasse and Eva Fasth. Through the therapy, you get the conditions to get in touch with the signals your body and soul want to give you. The trauma and existential questions are given space to process. Your own healing power and intuition are activated. You can find your focus so that you can stand firm, even when life challenges you with a storm.


Within Soullife therapy, I work with:


Relaxation, stress management:

Practical methods to find security within one's own body.


Aura therapy:

Healing in the various states of the aura where we subtly come into contact with the various "energy bodies" that are interconnected with your physical body, your senses, your emotions, your thoughts and with "everything". Blockages can be present in all energy bodies and all energy bodies affect the physical, chemical body.


In addition:

Cranio-sacral therapy


Conversational therapy 

Intuitive massage

Affirmation therapy

Art therapy



Herbal medicine

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